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Barwon Health Library Service: RefWorks (Citation Manager)

Evidence for Excellence


RefWorks is a reference management system where you can:

  1. Collect citations
  2. Manage citations, by folder or a searchable database
  3. Cite using proper formatting in a variety of citation styles (e.g. APA, AMA, Vancouver, etc)
  4. Share research with colleagues

Since RefWorks is accessible from the web, it can be used from any computer connected to the internet.

Login to RefWorks

New to RefWorks? Go to the login page and click "Sign up for a New Account."

To create a Refworks account you'll need the Barwon Health Group Code to authenticate your log in.

Email us, and we will send you the Barwon Health Group Code.

Cite While You Write - RefWorks and Word

The thin client PC environment in Barwon Health means that it's not possible to install the required Word add-on for "Cite While You Write" functionality. Here are five alternative approaches:

1. If you don't have too many references, then the process outlined in the Helpful Hints box to the right can work

2. Do this type of work at home (a better option if you are dealing with larger numbers of references). The required Word Add-On can be downloaded for both Windows and Macs

3. If you use Google Docs, then an Add-On is available for it.

4. Use your own reference management software or affiliated educational institution (if applicable)

5. Use the free online ZoteroBib to format your references one by one. This can be a good option if not too many citations are involved. You can search by URL, title, DOI, PMID etc and choose from more than 9000 citation styles for your bibliography.

RefWorks is provided free via the Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) but we are investigating alternative citation managers that may be better suited to the client environment.

Helpful Hints

Sharing Folders

This can be done in two ways, depending on how much functionality you want other users to have:

  1. If you want your group members to have full access to the folder – that is, to add, edit or delete references, as well as to search the folder, create bibliographies and export references – this is done by all members using the same login name and password i.e. you give the login details to the other members.
  2. If you want to provide more limited access to the folder - to search the folder, create bibliographies and export references but not edit etc. – the library can change your settings so you can make the folder shareable.   This gives you a URL for the folder which you then email to your colleagues.

Getting Citations from RefWorks into your Word Document (One-Line/Cite-View):

This function works with any word processing software

  1. Select each citation from your list and paste a code for that citation into the desired place in the body of your Word document.
  2. When you’ve inserted all desired citations, you should then save your Word document with a new name e.g <subject>-with-RefWorks-citation-codes
  3. Then in the RefWorks menu, select the Bibliography command > Format Document.
  4. At this time also choose the desired output style for the citations.
  5. Now either drag-and-drop your Word document into the box to be formatted OR browse your computer and identify the correct Word document to be formatted.
  6. RefWorks creates a new document with the citations formatted in-text and at end of text in the nominated style.  View this version, save with a new filename.

This document can be edited or formatted further e.g. for changes to line spacing etc. However if you need to alter the citations or their position in the document, all these changes should be made in the original document.

  • Instructions on how to do this can be found here
  • This video may also be of help