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Barwon Health Library Service: Australian Standards

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Changes to Australian Standards Access

All users on the Standards Online platforms must now have their own individual login using an email and password to access the platform as there are changed specific requirements for how copyright is protected for Standards Australia, ISO and IEC content within Australia

Automatic login via IP address is no longer be a login option for platform users. You will now prompted to create a username and password when you try to access a standard.

Please contact the library for more information or assistance

Steps to Register

Click on Australian Standards, and search for the standard you wish to access

When you click on View Document, or Request Unlock, you will be prompted to register if you haven't yet, or log in if you have registered before


Once you have Registered

Once you register you will receive a verification email with your log in details.

Click on Australian Standards and log in with the username and password you received

Searching for Standards If you cannot find your required Standard in a 'Quick Search', please try performing a 'Power Search' instead (both options at the top of the Menu). A 'Power Search' is the best way to locate superseded and withdrawn Standards.

Unlocking Standards Occasionally access to a standard is locked as it is not one that is included in our current subscription so you will have to request it be unlocked for access:

1. In the search results for an unsubscribed document, click on the 'Request Unlock' button

2. The cost of unlocking the standard will be displayed and this cost will be charged to your cost centre • For Barwon Health staff you will have to email to the library a completed Barwon Health Requisition form signed by the delegated signatory for your cost centre before the standard can be unlocked.

3. Complete the 'Your Details' section and click on 'Submit Form' to send notification to the Administrator for unlocking

4. Access to the unlocked document is granted as soon as it is approved and an email notification is sent to the original unlock requester to log back in and view

Please contact the library for more information or assistance