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Barwon Health Library Service: Australian Standards

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Changes to Australian Standards Access

There have been recent changes made to accessing Australian Standards,

  • The new access point is i2i SAI global.
  • All users previously registered will have to re-register to access our standards collection.
  • If you cannot access a standard during this change please contact the Library
    An IT application is now required on computers to access the standards to comply with Copyright management.
  • Standards that are downloaded by a one user cannot be shared with other users. The standard is linked to both the user and the machine used for the download
  • Users who wish to access Standards On-line need to register as a user on the standards webpage, and access the Standards through two Citrix Published Applications to allow you to download and view the standards.
  • Registration and access instructions are listed below

Step 1. Installing the Required Applications

a. To install the required plugin required to open the standards

You will need to submit a SWARH General Service Request for access to the applications required to open and read the standards.

  • In the Description field copy and paste the following "Australian Standards Search and Australian Standards Viewer"
  • SWARH will have to install these applications before you can view the standards
  • You only need to do this step once to gain access to the applications

Step 2. Searching Australian Standards

a. Once SWARH have advised that the applications are available to you,  click on Windows Start->Applications-> Australian Standards Search to open the Australian Standards webpage

b. To Register (if you have not previously registered)

  • Once you click on 'verify my email' you will receive an email with a verification code, enter this code on the Verification code screen and your login details will be emailed to you.
  • Once you register you will receive a verification email with your log in details.

c. Search for the standard you wish to access


d. Unlocked Standards: To view Document you will need to click on the standard number

  • Click on either the "View Online" button, or the "Download" button to read the standard

Step 3. Open and view the Standard

a. Click on Windows Start->Applications->Australian Standards Viewer

b. Click on File -> Open

c. Adobe will default to the “Downloads” folder, where the standard will be saved. Click on the pdf version of the standard to view.


Please contact the library for more information or assistance

4. Accessing Locked Standards

Locked Standards: Request Access:

For standards that require unlocking the standard is available but will need to be purchased by your department. Users should be certain the standard is required prior to requesting. The cost of unlocking the standard will be displayed and this cost will be charged to your cost centre.

  • A confirmation request email from the delegated signatory for your cost centre must be emailed to the library before the standard can be unlocked. This in-line with Barwon Health purchasing procedures.

Click on "Request Access" and the Unlock Request screen will appear. Enter your name, email address, daytime contact number and a purchase order number or requisition number to facilitate payment for the standard.

Once completed, click Submit Form. The account administrator will review your request and if approved, unlock the standard. If you have correctly entered your email address you will receive a confirmation email once the standard has been unlocked

Please contact the library for more information or assistance