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Barwon Health Library Service: Australian Standards

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Changes to Australian Standards Access

There have been recent changes made to accessing Australian Standards,

  • The new access point is i2i SAI global.
  • All users previously registered will have to re-register to access our standards collection.
  • If you cannot access a standard during this change please contact the Library

Step 1. Access to Standards Online

a. Go to and click on “New Registration”

b. Complete the registration form. Staff must use their Barwon Health email to register. Click “Next”.

c. Complete the Company Details registration.

  • When it comes to selecting the company make sure you select “South West Alliance of Rural Health” as your Company and Business Unit. If you select ‘other’ you will not get access.
  • Then nominate your health service and department in the Department box, e.g. Barwon Health - Theatre.
  • Click “Next”.
  • You will receive an email via your Barwon Health email account confirming your registration. You will need to active your i2i registration by clicking on "Confirm Sign-in Registration" within the email.

Step 2. Searching Australian Standards

a. Return to and login using your login details

b. Search for the standard you wish to access


c. If the standard is available to view you will see "Current" listed next to the title. Click on the title of the standard and you will see a “Download” button and a “View Online” button.


If the standard is not able to be viewed - please see Step 3. How to Request a Standard to be Unlocked.


3. How to Request a Standard to be Unlocked

If you search for a standard and get presented with the “Request Access” button, this means that the standard is not available in the SWARH collection of standards but is available at SAI Global and will need to be purchased.

Click on the “Request Access” button. The following screen will appear, with the standard’s detail and price. If you wish to continue with the purchase, enter a purchase order number or requisition number to facilitate payment for the standard. Your contact details will be automatically recorded.

For standards that require unlocking the standard is available but will need to be purchased by your department. Users should be certain the standard is required prior to requesting. The cost of unlocking the standard will be displayed and this cost will be charged to your cost centre.

  • A confirmation request email from the delegated signatory for your cost centre must be emailed to the library before the standard can be unlocked. This in-line with Barwon Health purchasing procedures.

Please contact the library for more information or assistance