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Barwon Health Library Service: LibKey Nomad browser extension

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LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

What is LibKey Nomad?
LibKey Nomad is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easier to access full text journal articles and eBooks, both onsite or offsite, from many websites such as PubMed, publisher websites, Wikipedia, and more. It automatically searches for PDF access across both library subscribed electronic resources and free open access content. Note - this extension is replacing the Lean Library extension

Why use the LibKey Nomad extension?
1. Single click full text access to Barwon Health Library content from publisher websites, PubMed, Wikipedia and more. 
2. For non Barwon Health Library subscribed content, the browser will direct you to any free full text access site where available, or you will be directed to our self populating article request form and we will get the article in for you

How to install LibKey Nomad 
1. Using the Chrome browser, go to LibKey Nomad in the Chrome Extension Store‚Äč
2. Click 'Add to Chrome'
3. When the pop-up box appears click 'Add extension'
4. Search and select "Barwon Health Library"
5. Optional: follow these steps to have your Chrome extensions and bookmarks be permanent at work. Alternatively you can sign into Chrome with your Google account to sync across your settings including extensions

How to use LibKey Nomad
Now when you search websites such as PubMed, or publisher websites you will have one-click access to full text articles from Barwon Health Library, or free open access content.
Click on the icon link to access the PDF where available, or to be directed to our article request form where free full text access access isn't available (the "Access Options" link)
In PubMed, you will have the option to "View Complete Issue". This will take you through to BrowZine where you can add the journal to your bookshelf if desired. Read by QxMD is also a good way to get journal article alerts
If you are offsite you will be asked to log in with your library member credentials. Register for a Library Membership if you don't yet have one, and we will send you details on how to activate your library membership for logging in

How to uninstall LibKey Nomad extension
If you don't find the extension useful, remove it from your browser. To the right of your address bar, look for the extension's icon (looks like a green drop). Right-click the icon and select Remove from Chrome.   


Help and Feedback
Please contact us if you require any information or assistance with accessing or using this resource
Is the extension useful (or not)? Leave a comment using our feedback form