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Barwon Health Library Service: LibKey Nomad browser extension

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LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

What is LibKey Nomad?
LibKey Nomad is a browser extension or add-on that simplifies access to article PDFs and ebooks, particularly from home.

Why use it?
1. Single click article PDFs on sites such as PubMed, UpToDate, Embase and Micromedex. 
2. When the article PDF is not available, you can easily request it from the library via an online form
3. "Take the Library with you wherever you browse"


Easily install LibKey Nomad
1. Click on the logo below and choose your browser from the list at the bottom of the page

2. Click 'Add to" or "Get" button and then the "Add extension" button
3. Select 'Barwon Health Library' from the list of institutions
4. Libkey Nomad is now installed and ready for searching

How to Use LibKey Nomad

Use LibKey Nomad to access full-text in PubMed

LibKey Nomad provides a fast and simple way to access Barwon Health Library full-text when searching PubMed

Enable the LibKey Nomad browser extension and you will be able to quickly and easily link to full text using the blue "Article Link" or "Download PDF" buttons.