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Barwon Health Library Service: Point of Care Tools

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Clinical Point of Care Resources

Support resources for condition diagnosis and treatment decision making

Barwon Health Point of Care Resources

 STOP Have you consulted Barwon Health PROMPT Clinical Procedures first?

ALWAYS Consult Barwon Health PROMPT first for clinical procedures to ensure that you are compliant with Barwon Health's procedures and policies on patient care before accessing external websites on patient care 

Access  Barwon Health PROMPT     

PROMPT is Barwon Health's document management portal for Barwon Health compliant Clinical Procedures

UpToDate Anywhere

 Access UpToDate      UpToDate

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UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that assists clinicians with point-of-care decisions. UpToDate covers 25 medical specialties with over 10,500 topic reviews, each of which covers multiple clinical questions.  Additionally, UpToDate includes graphics, patient education, clinical calculators, and a drug database. 
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BMJ Best Practice

 Access BMJ Best Practice      BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice a point of care tool from BMJ Evidence Centre designed to support clinicians in their decision making from diagnosis to treatment. Structured around the patient consultation, it covers diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention. Best Practice also includes the new BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities tool which offers guidance on the treatment of acute conditions alongside pre-existing comorbidities.

Nursing Advisor & Nursing Procedures

Access Nursing Advisor     Nursing Advisor

Available as an app - visit our Clinical Apps Guide

A collection of evidence-based clinical decision content for nurses covering diseases, diagnostic tests, treatments, signs and symptoms, cultural perspectives, hospital-acquired conditions, drug information, nursing care plans and more.

Access Nursing Procedures 

Available as an app - visit our Clinical Apps Guide

More than 1700 procedures and skills across many nursing specialties including allied health. The procedures are evidence-based and designed to standardise the delivery of nursing care, improve patient outcomes and cultivate clinical excellence

Rehabilitation Reference Centre

Access Rehabilitation Reference Centre        

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Rehabilitation Reference Center™ (RRC) is an evidence-based clinical reference tool for use by rehabilitation clinicians at the point-of-care. RRC provides physical therapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation students with the best available evidence for their information needs. Content in RRC includes more than 500 Clinical Reviews, more than 150 research instruments, information from AHFS on over 11,700 drugs and their manufacturers, more than 9,800 exercise images, key reference handbooks, guidelines from the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, nearly 1,500 relevant patient education topics in both English & Spanish, and news and clinical updates.