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Barwon Health Library Service: Point of Care Tools

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Point of Care Resources

Point-of-care tools are evidence-based clinical decision support resources that allow quick retrieval of information on diagnosis and treatment for immediate action at the point of patient care. These resources synthesise and evaluate relevant evidence from the clinical literature and provide detailed summaries on a wide range of conditions and interventions.

Visit our Clinical Apps Guide for information about which Point of Care resources are available as an app

Clinical Point of Care Resources

Prompt: Consult PROMPT first for clinical procedures to ensure that you are compliant with Barwon Health's procedures and policies. Access Prompt through Onepoint webpage

UpToDate : UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that assists clinicians with point-of-care decisions.

BMJ Best Practice: Best Practice also includes the new BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities tool which offers guidance on the treatment of acute conditions alongside pre-existing comorbidities.

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