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Barwon Health Library Service: Content Alerting & Current Awareness Service

Evidence for Excellence

Contents Alerts & Current Awareness

The library offers an email current awareness service to keep you up-to-date with the most recent publications and developments in your field.

Search our Library Catalogue or yellow Search Box (use the Find Journal option) to help you find your journals of interest -  

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in customising your alerts

Library Alerting & Current Awareness Services

  • Our journal email alerts will give you immediate access to full text articles that we subscribe to.
  • We can set up alerts for journals that are not listed in our catalogue. Any full text articles required can then be requested through our Document Delivery service.
  • Topic Search Alerts - The library can set up a database topic search to be run automatically on a regular basis to keep you up to date as new journal articles and other resources become available

Other Types of Current Awareness Alerts

Conference Alerts - be notified of upcoming conferences in your field

Citation Alerts - be notified when a relevant paper is cited

  1. Search for the paper you are interested in.
  2. Click the ‘cited by’ link under the article summary
  3. Click the ‘Create Alert’ button in the filter option on the left hand side of the webpage

Clinical Trials

  1. Register and log in to register to receive alerts for new clinical trials registered with ANZCTR.

RSS Feeds - a news service for databases, blogs and journals.

  1. You can subscribe to an RSS feed and have the updates are delivered via an RSS feed reader.
  2. Feed reader software allows you to gather your RSS feeds together to read later. RSS feed readers are available for different platforms, data may be opened on PCs, MACs, and using apps on mobile devices

‚ÄčEvidence Alerts (McMaster PLUS & DynaMed)

  • Register for alerts in many specialty areas



Browzine is an app for desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android that makes it easy to find, read and keep up to date with your favourite ejournals:

  • Create a personal bookshelf of favourite journals
  • Easily read complete scholarly journals in a format that is optimized for tablet devices
  • Be alerted when new editions of journals are published
  • Build reading lists of articles with durable links
  • Export citations

How to get started

From your computer:

  1. Access BrowZine by going to
  2. If you are offsite, you will be prompted initially to select your library (Barwon Health Library) and then sign in with your library member number and password

From your mobile device:

  1. Download BrowZine from your App Store
  2. Open the app and select Barwon Health Library from the list
  3. Sign in with your Library member number and password
  4. Create a Browzine account to add journals to the Bookshelf. This will also allow you to see when new articles are available

Read by QxMD

Read by QXMD aims to provide a single place to keep up to date with new medical and scientific research.

  • One tap access to full text provided by the library
  • Annotate and save PDFs
  • Get alerts from your favourite journals, keywords or collections (e.g. top EM Articles 2019))
  • Available on iOS, Android and the Web

How to get started

  1. Download Read by QxMD, or search for it in your App Store
  2. Add Barwon Health to your Account settings under "Institutional Access"
  3. Sign in with your library number and password
  4. In addition to the App, you can also access on the web

More of what Read offers, a Read vs BrowZine comparison, and Read Help