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Barwon Health Library Service: Frequently Asked Questions

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Library Help

Below is a list of frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered by the information below please don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you

Library Services during the COVID19 outbreak

Can I physically access the library?-  

  1. No, the access to the physical spaces of both the library in the St Mary’s Hall and the library McKellar Centre have been closed.

What if I need library assistance?-  

  1. Library staff are working from home and are able to continue delivering library services.

What if I have a book to return?-  

  1. You can still return books to the library. There is a book returns box just outside the door of the library in the St Mary’s Hall, and there is an after-hours book return chute just outside the door of the McKellar Library.

What if I want to borrow a book or have a book on hold?-  

  1. Send us an email at to let us know which book/s you require and we will organise a time for you to pick it up.

I’m working from home and need to access the library resources-  

  1. The library webpage, electronic resources and services are all available to staff offsite but you need to register as a library member.
  2. If you fill out a Barwon Health Library Membership Application Form we will then send you information on how to activate your library account so you can access the electronic resources.
  3. Please note that these applications are only processed during office hours

About the Library

Need Help? Contact us

Where are the Libraries?-  

  1. The UGH library is located at 192 Myers street in the St Mary's Hall. The main entrance is at the rear of the hall, if you then come in and walk around the corner you will see stairs and a lift. If you go up to the first level you will find the library.
  2. The McKellar library is located in the McKellar main reception building at the rear of the staff dining room.
  3. Map showing Library Locations

How do I get after-hours access to the library?-  

  1. Barwon Health Staff have 24 hour access to the St Mary's Hall Library via their Barwon Health proxy card
  2. The Barwon Health proxy card will give you access to the main entrance at the rear of the St Mary's Hall, and the library area upstairs
  3. A reminder that the main library space is designated for quiet individual study/research.

How do I become a library member?-  

  1. Barwon Health library membership is open to all Barwon Health staff and university students whilst they are on clinical placement at Barwon Health
  2. If you fill out a Barwon Health Library Membership Application Form we will then send you information on how to activate your library account so you can access the electronic resources.
  3. Please note that these applications are only processed during office hours

What are my library login details?-  

  1. If you have registered for a Library Membership your library member number is the same as your staff employee number
  2. if you have forgotten your password you can set/reset your password.

Account Expired Message?-  

  1. If you are experiencing an account expired message when logging into your library account we need to update your details. Please contact the libraryor fill out a Library Membership form to update your details.

Books & Journals Help

How do I access the journals and databases from offsite?-   

  1. Links to our databases are on the A-Z Databases List
  2. You can search the Catalogue for links to our ebooks, ejournals and articles.
  3. Not all of our services are available to students on clinical placement or non-Barwon Health staff

How do I find out what books or journals the library holds? -   

The best way for find what the library collection has is to click on the Library Catalogue link in the Library Resources box on our webpage. Type in the title, or part of, or subject of what you are searching for then click on Search. You can then use the Format filter on the left-hand side of the results page to narrow your results to books, journals, or articles depending on what you are requiring. You can also use the yellow Fast Finder search box at the top of the Library page

  1. For more information on filtering your library catalogue search please refer to our information sheet on Using Catalogue Search Filters, or please don't hesitate to contact us

How do I renew my loans online?-   

  1. Renewing your loans online
  2. If your loans are overdue you will need to contact us

How do I request an article by using the self populating request form?-   

  1. For information on how to use our self populating form to request an article by using either just the DOI number, or article and journal titles Click here

How do I link the library's fulltext access to Google Scholar?-  

  1. By linking Barwon Health Library to your Google Scholar it will allow you to quickly access full text articles from your Google Scholar results where we have access.
  2. The easiest way is to use this custom link which automatically enables the linkage. If you use Google Scholar frequently, you might like to bookmark this link for home use also
  3. If you wish, you can do this manually Linking Barwon Health Library to Google Scholar

How do I report a problem with access to one of the resources?-  

  1. Occasionally there is a problem with the publisher's website that we are not immediately aware of. Please let us know so that we can contact them and get the problem fixed ASAP
  2. Report eResource access issue

How do I return my books?-  

  1. Items can be returned to the St Mary's Library & Research Centre in the after-hours returns box just outside the library door
  2. Items can be returned to the McKellar Centre library after-hours return chute just outside the library entrance
  3. Please contact the library if you unable to physically return your books to the library

Resources & Services

How do I book a meeting room?-  

  1. To book a room for your next meeting, please click here
  2. For information about the different meeting rooms available please click here.
  3. Due to high demand for meeting room space by Barwon Health staff we are unable to book rooms for non Barwon Health use

How do I access UpToDate?-  

  1. Access UpToDate Anywhere
  2. Here are instructions on how you can also access UpToDate on your mobile device.
  3. Access Expired? - Every 90 days you need to log in to UpToDate on a Barwon Health network computer with your username and password to verify that you are a current Barwon Health employee. You will need to log into your UpToDate account on a Barwon Health network computer to reinstate your access

Does the library do literature searches?-   

  1. Literature Search Request Form - We can help you find evidence based information for your patient care, teaching, professional development, research, policy/protocol development, or management purposes.
  2. Book a Consultation - For library members completing assignments, or personal study, we can not do the literature search for you but we will assist you with search strategy design and database training 

How do I get a copy of article, book,or chapter that I can’t access ?-  

  1. If you can not find or access the article, chapter or book you require on our Catalogue or A-Z eJournals List you can fill out a Document Supply Request Form and we will get it in for you

Where do I access the Australian Standards?-  

  1. To access the Australian Standards website, please click here
  2. You must be on a Barwon Health network computer to access the standards.

I have a question about copyright-  

  1. View the Library's Copyright Information webpage to find out more about your responsibilities