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Barwon Health Library Service: Clinical Procedure Development

Evidence for Excellence

Three Approaches to Clinical Procedures Development

Procedures are important for high quality care. Procedures can be developed, or updated, in three ways:

  1.  Adapt an existing procedure from a high quality external resource. This can significantly reduce the time involved while still resulting in a current evidence-based procedure.
  2.  Adapt an existing procedure from other Victorian Health Services (via Prompt). As with 1, this can be an efficient approach.
  3.  Develop a procedure anew

Refer to the Publishing a document on PROMPT - Resource Information - 10 Principles for Developing/Reviewing/Updating PROMPT documents for more information

1. Adapt an existing procedure from a high quality external resource

You can search reputable resources that contain evidence based procedures and customise as required to suit local conditions

  • Nursing Procedures
    • Two hundred of these procedures (rising to 450) have been developed in conjunction with the Australian Council of Nursing and are reviewed annually. Such procedures have AU at the end of their title. Many of the procedures in this resource include checklists, quizzes and videos which you can link to from your final procedure for additional staff education and training. This resource has been endorsed by the Barwon Health Nursing Council
  • JBI: Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database
    • JBI is an Australian source of evidence. It is primarily for nursing but also covers allied Health and medicine. Click on Recommended Practices (in the white box labelled Publication Types) to limit to Procedures. Evidence Summaries are also useful.
  • UpToDate
    • UpToDate is primarily medical content. UpToDate Pathways, which shows as a decision tree to the right of some topics, can be useful for procedure development
  • Rehabilitation Reference Centre
    • Rehabilitation Reference Centre provides evidence based content for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and rehabilitation professionals. Click on the Practice Resources tab to find Practice Guidelines and Clinical Reviews

TIP - the four resources above (and more) have patient handouts. In a similar fashion, you can use such handouts when developing a patient handout for Barwon Health. Remember that all information viewed by consumers needs to be submitted to WISE

2. Adapt an existing procedure from other Victorian Health

PROMPT, which stores policies and procedures, is used by approximately 100 Victorian health services.

You can search for the procedures developed by other health services by following these instructions

Important - just because it is an existing procedure of another health service doesn't mean it is necessarily of high quality


3. Develop a Procedure Anew

If you cannot find an existing high quality procedure to adapt, then you need to develop your procedure by searching for evidence based information.

Book a consultation with a librarian for further help with your literature searching

Request a Literature Search - Barwon Health staff may request literature searches for Barwon health policy/protocol development