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Barwon Health Library Service: DidYouKnow?

Evidence for Excellence


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Alerts. Like to keep up to date with new information? The Alerts page allows you to keep up with new journal issues (also known as eTOCs) and most offer immediate full text access), subject alerts via automated databases searches we can set up for you, conference alerts, emails when an article of interest - perhaps yours - has been cited,  clinical trials, evidence alerts and more. You can also use the Read by QxMD and BrowZine apps. Back to top

App Directory. The Clinical Apps page lists some apps available to you and how to install them. Back to top

Browser extension (LibKey Nomad). for immediate article PDFs   The Libkey Nomad  Chrome  extension makes it easier for you to access full text articles, either at work or from home. It works very well with PubMed and other publisher platforms. If full text is not available in PubMed ("Access Options" link) it will pre-fill an article request form for you. It is very easy to install and use - visit the LibKey Nomad page. Back to top

Chrome bookmarks and extensions - How to Keep Them at Work. The thin client environment in Barwon Health means that you lose any bookmarks or extensions you have added with each new day. However there are a couple of ways to keep them permanently.The simplest way to is to have a Google account and sign into Chrome such that everything syncs.  Alternatively, view these 60 Sec quick instructions on how to set this up. Back to top

Community Directory This is an online database of information about community organisations, groups, clubs, services, associations and facilities in the Geelong region. Access Geelong Community Directory. Also useful is Infoxchange Service SeekerBack to top

Consumer Reps Improve Healthcare  No one understands the consumer experience better than the consumers themselves. If you are wanting to review or improve something in your work area, involve consumers for the best outcome. Consumer input can positively affect physical design, work processes, communications (whether verbal or written) or anything really that has an impact on patient and their carers.
Barwon Health staff  Please click here to find out how you can involve consumers in improving your area
Members of the public   Please click here  to learn how sharing your experiences and views can help improve healthcare at Barwon Health. Back to top


Ebooks by subject  The Ebooks by Subject page allows you to easily retrieve ebooks by speciality. If your area is not there you can suggest it. You can also find ebooks by searching FastFinder or the Library Catalogue. Back to top

Ejournals by subject The Ejournals by Subject page allows you to easily retrieve ebooks by speciality. If your area is not there you can suggest it. You can also find journals by searching FastFinder or the Library Catalogue.  Back to top

Equator Network for research reporting If you are involved in research, then the Equator Network is a useful site. It gives reporting guidelines for all the main study types to help improve research quality and reproducibility.  It is also useful to consult these reporting guidelines early on as they can help in research design and planning. Back to top

eTG Complete App  This is available for both Apple and Android phones. Click here for further instructions. If you wish, you can download all the content for offline access also. Back to top

FastFinder  This search box on top of the library page allows you to quickly find full text articles, online and print books, drug resources such as AMH, eTG, MIMs, Google Scholar, UpToDate and more. With both Google Scholar and PubMed, using this search approach will automatically link them to our full text content. Back to top

Google Scholar linked to Library Ejournals  If you use to like Google Scholar (and some studies have shown that it can be as effective as bibliographic database searching in certain contexts) then you will be pleased to hear that Google Scholar can link to Library full text articlesSearching Google Scholar can be a nice complement to database searching. It is particularly useful finding related more recent articles when you only have one or two good articles to go on with ...

To enable this, you need to use a custom Google Scholar URL. There are four ways that you can do this:

1. Use the   yellow search box (FastFinder) on the Library home and select "Google Scholar" to search from the dropdown
2. Use the Google Scholar link in the Clinical Resources box on the Library home page
3. Use the custom link directly :    You can bookmark it at home (Ctrl-D for most browsers) or even bookmark it at work (use this process to enable retention of Chrome bookmarks and extensions in the Barwon Health thin client environment)
4. If you prefer, you can also set this up yourself manually - view these 60 Sec quick instructions on how to do this. The advantage of this is that it will stay with your browser

Use any of these and now look for the Barwon Health Library link next to results
Like to do this from home? For the first two options just google Barwon Health Library, For the fourth option, once you have set this up at home it will be available all the time.For offsite access you need to be a library member for full text access. Back to top

MedTube  MEDtube is the largest medical multimedia platform for professionals sharing more than 20,000 videos, courses, images, documents. As well as the website, there are also Apple and Android apps available. Back to top

National Healthcare Standards Live Searches  Automatic PubMed searches related to NSQHS standards topics are available. As well as the main searches, you can also limit to Australian only, last 12 months, reviews, guidelines, and quality improvement. Use Chrome, not Internet Explorer. Like to receive monthly email updates with new results for these? Just let us know which topics / limits you are interested in. If you are a handyman DIY type, watch this video to set up yourself. See PubMed linked to Library Ejournals below to maximize the full text content you can access. Back to top

Nursing Advisor  Nursing Advisor is like UpToDate but for nurses. No need to search through multitudes of articles when all you need is quick access to a clinically relevant overview of a topic. As with UpToDate, you can access it on your mobile device by registering  or on the Library site. Note that you should always consult Prompt first for Barwon Health policies and procedures. A companion product is Nursing ProceduresBack to top

Patient Information  Need a patient handout? The Patient Information page has a number of resources where you can find these. It also has resources for translated health information, mutlicultural health and more. The  PUPS page has patient interaction tips in four areas (preferences / understanding / patient centred care / shared decision making). Back to top

Podcasts The Clinical Podcasts page has podcasts of interest to those in allied health, nursing and various medical specialties. If you have some time in your commute, walk or at home you might like to try some of these out. Back to top

PubMed linked to Library Ejournals  If you like using PubMed, you will be pleased to hear it can now can be linked to the Library's ejournal subscriptions. This means that you can get immediate article full text (where we subscribe) or a pre-filled article request form (where we don't.)

To enable this, you need to use a custom PubMed URL. There are four ways that you can do this:

1. Use the LibKey Nomad Chrome extension. As well as automating PubMed access, it also works on other publisher pages.
​2. Use the yellow search box (FastFinder) on the Library home and select "PubMed" to search
3. Use the PubMed link in the Clinical Resources box on the Library home page
4. Use the custom link directly :    You could bookmark it at home (Ctrl-D for most browsers) or even bookmark it at work (use this process to enable retention of Chrome bookmarks and extensions in the Barwon Health thin client environment or alternatively sign in to Chrome with your Google account to sync these from home)

If you use any of options 2-4, then when you have reached the page for an article of interest in PubMed you will now see a library logo (note - if you are on a mobile device, this will be in the Full-text links button)    Click on the logo to obtain full text (where available) or a pre-filled article request (you just need to enter your personal details). The first option (LibKey Nomad) is even better in that it will show you the full text links directly from the PubMed results page
Like to do this from home? For the first two options, just google Barwon Health Library, and with the first option it will persist after you have installed the extension. For offsite access, you need to be a library member for full text access.

Found a really relevant article in PubMed but would like more? Cut and paste the title into FastFinder, select Google Scholar to search from the drop down, and this will show all the articles that have cited your article of interest - this is often a useful way to find further relevant articles. You can also connect Google Scholar to full text content Back to top


Procedures Made Easier  Three steps you can take to make clinical procedure (and patient handout) development easier. These are quite onerous tasks so it might as well be made as easy as possible. Back to top

Rehabilitation Reference Center This is a little like UpToDate but for allied health staff. It gives overviews of rehabilitation topics. Of interest to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists etc. Almost 800 clinical reviews, 100 research, instruments, 10,000 exercise images, 3000 patient handouts. Kick the wheels of RRC ... Back to top

Subject guides Like to know the best online resources for your specialty? Subject guides are available for nursing eresources, mental health eresources, and allied health eresources with more coming in the future. Back to top

TRIP Pro   Trip Pro is a clinical search engine that is focused on evidence, with many systematic reviews, evidence synopses, guidelines etc.  On the Library site you can use the Find Database in FastFinder to locate it or via the Browse Individual Databases link. You can also access it from home. As with other Library resources used offsite, you need to be a Library Member. Where available, full text links to Barwon Health Library subscriptions will be visible. Back to top

UpToDate full text articles  UpToDate references now link to Barwon Health Library ejournals. Click on the article title of interest and then on the "Check for Full Text Availability" button. If we subscribe to the journal, this will provide you with access (at work access will be immediate, at home you need to login in and so need to be a library member). If not available as full text, copy the details into this form and we will get it for you. You can search UpToDate using the yellow FastFinder search box on the top of the Library page. Back to top