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  1. Register a free UpToDate account while you are on the Barwon Health network
  2. Download the free app (iOS / Android)
  3. Sign into the app with your UpToDate registration username and password.


  1. Register a free UpToDate account while you are on the Barwon Health network
  2. Go to the UpToDate login page and sign in
  3. You can do this on your computer or your phone as the site is optimised for mobile. This is an alternative to installing the app


   Related - BMJ Best Practice  / DynaMed (note this is not a subscribed resource so topics viewed may be limited. If you
   cannot access a given topic, try again on your own personal device) 

  Drugs   (Top)


      Children's Dosing Companion 
      Aged Care Companion

  1. There is not yet an app for AMH
  2. However the AMH site is responsive and so can be viewed on your mobile device
  3. AMH website for further details



  1. Complete this form while you are on the Barwon Health network
  2. A token number will appear on your screen and be sent to you by email
  3. Download the free eTG app (iOS / Android)
  4. On the Login screen, choose Institutional user login
  5. Login using your email and token



  1. You must Register via Clinicians Health Channel.
  2. You will be sent an activation email. Select the Activate My Registration link.
  3. Download the App
  4. You will need to request access to iMIMS/MIMS. Select your preferred mobile version  
  5. You will be redirected to the MIMS request form.
  6. Enter your CHC email address and click Proceed. This will register you for MIMS and you will be sent a Token Number.
  7. Open iMIMS and login with your Registered email and password.  Use the  Token Number to finalise the login.
  8. Accept terms and conditions. Note initial file size is large so download may take a while


   Natural Medicines

   TRISSELS in IV Compatibility      

   TOXINZ (Australian & NZ Poisons Information & Toxicology)


   Complete list of Pharmacology Resources 

EdPortal   (Top)

Patient Handouts   (Top)

As well as Barwon Health produced material in Prompt, there is also several other reputable resources for consumer level information

Prompt   (Top)

Barwon Health policies, procedures, patient handouts etc. To search specifically for Emergency Department material, use Advanced Search and in the Department field select (or type em) Emergency Department

Emergency Procedure Videos   (Top)

   Emergency procedures videos (approx. 100)

      If offsite, use this link, then in the bottom right area (dark orange) click on the three dots (...) and select Procedure Videos.
      You can then filter toemergency videos if you like by using the left hand filter

   Clinical Skills (approx. 200 emergency nursing skills)

      If offsite, use this link, then in the Browse box, click on the three dots (...) and select Clinical Skills


Clinicians Health Channel (CHC)   (Top)

This is useful for accessing drug resources amongst other things. 
Tip - all CHC drugs resources are listed on the Pharmacology Resources page and can be accessed at work without login

Patient Centred Care Tips   (Top)

This provides tips and resources (YouTube videos, infographics, training etc) for patient preferences, understanding (health literacy), person centred care, and shared decision making.

Guidelines   (Top) (> James Hayes guidelines)
   ACEM EM Standards
   Safer Care Victoria Emergency guidelines

   (Other guideline links as advised by ED)

Emergency Books Online   (Top)

   Rosen's Emergency Medicine (2018)
   Roberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care (2019)
   Rosen & Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult (2014)

   | Atlas  |  Diagnosis  |  Endocrine  |  Eye1  |  Eye2  |  Gastro1  |  Gastro2  |  Geriatric |  Imaging1  |  Imaging2  |  Minor  |
   Musculoskeletal  |  Neurovascular  |  Nursing1  |  Nursing2   |  Obstetric  |  Oncologic  |  Orthopaedic  |   Paediatric  |
   Toxicology |  Wounds  |  
   For students: Emergency Medicine Secrets  |  Paediatric Emergency Medicine Secrets  |  Avoiding Common Errors in the
   Emergency Department

   More emergency medicine and emergency nursing ebooks ...
   (on the resulting page you can refine results. For example add: AND ti:ultrasound to the existing search string)

   You can search for specific books using the yellow search box on the library home page as below or the A-Z link


   Need a specific book that we don't have? Request it
Cannot access? Provide Feedback so we can fix the problem

eJournals   (Top)
    Australasian Emergency Care
    Emergency Medicine Australasia
    American Journal of Emergency Medicine
    Annals of Emergency Medicine 
    Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America 
    Journal of Emergency Medicine
    Journal of Emergency Nursing
    Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine

    To find a specific journal, you can use the yellow search box on the Library home page as below or use the A-Z link there 


    You can receive email alerts for new issues of your favourite journals. Most articles are full text; if not you can request it
    More: BrowZine, JournalWatch (Emergency Medicine), MDLinx Emergency Journal Summaries, Emergency Medicine
Life in the Fast Lane 

Apps   (Top

    Clinical Apps and Podcasts
    Can add any advised by ED

Various   (Top

    Barwon Health Phone Book  (Intranet only)
    Google Scholar (look for Barwon Health links in results for full text)
    PubMed            (look for Barwon Health Library logo at top right of article for full text / article request)

    LibKey Nomad  (a browser extension that makes accessing full text articles easy)
    Safer Care Victoria Emergency Medicine Clinical Network
    Clinical Podcasts including several EM podcasts
    DidYouKnow (various useful library tips & tricks)   

Like to suggest a resource or something not working ? Send a feedback email      (Top Call: 4215 0478