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Barwon Health Library Service: DidYouKnow?

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Chrome bookmarks and extensions - How to Keep Them. The thin client environment in Barwon Health means that you lose any bookmarks or extensions you have added with each new day. However there is a way to keep them permanently. View these 60 Sec quick instructions on how to set this up

Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) - Easier Home Access CHC has a number of useful resources including Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH), Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG), MIMs, Psychiatry Online and more. If you access any of these from home, you can now do this via your Library login. This means just one login to access both Library and CHC resources at home. To do this, just google barwon health library at home and click on the second link (Barwon Health Library). You will now be on the Library home page on your phone or laptop etc. From here you can either use the yellow Fast Finder search box at the top of the page to search for chc in Databases or similarly find chc after clicking on the Individual Databases link. When you click on the CHC link, you will be asked to login with your Library login and from there can access all CHC (and Library) resources. If you are not yet a Library member, you can register here.

Community Directory This is an online database of information about community organisations, groups, clubs, services, associations and facilities in the Geelong region. Access Geelong Community Directory     

Copyright confusion?  The Library has updated its copyright page to make it clear what you can and cannot do. As always, if you have any questions just contact the library

Equator Network for research reporting If you are involved in research, then the Equator Network is a useful site. It gives reporting guidelines for all the main study types to help improve research quality and reproducibility.  It is also useful to consult these reporting guidelines early on as they can help in research design and planning.

eTG Complete App  This is available for both Apple and Android phones. Click here for further instructions. If you wish you can download all the content for offline access. 

Fast Finder  This search box on top of the library page allows you to quickly find full text articles, online and print books, drug resources such as AMH, eTG, MIMs, Google Scholar, UpToDate and more

Google Scholar linked to Library Ejournals  View these 60 Sec quick instructions on how to set this up. Searching Google Scholar can be a nice complement to database searching. It is particularly useful finding related more recent articles when you only have one or two good articles to go on with. Note that you can search Google Scholar from the yellow Fast Finder search box 

MedTube  MEDtube is the largest medical multimedia platform for professionals sharing more than 20,000 videos, courses, images, documents. As well as the website, there are also Apple and Android apps available.

Nursing Advisor  Nursing Advisor is like UpToDate but for nurses. No need to search through multitudes of articles when all you need is quick access to a clinically relevant overview of a topic. As with UpToDate, you can access it on your mobile device by registering  or on the Library site. Note that you should always consult Prompt first for Barwon Health policies and procedures.

Podcasts The Clinical Podcasts page has podcasts of interest to those in allied health, nursing and various medical specialties. If you have some time in your commute, walk or at home you might like to try some of these out.

Rehabilitation Reference Center This is a little like UpToDate but for allied health staff. It gives overviews of rehabilitation topics. Of interest to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists etc. Almost 800 clinical reviews, 100 research, instruments, 10,000 exercise images, 3000 patient handouts

TRIP Pro Trip Pro is a clinical search engine that is focused on evidence, with many systematic reviews, evidence synopses, guidelines etc.  On the Library site you can access it in the yellow Library Fast Finder at the top of the page or via the Browse Individual Databases link. You can also access it from home; as with other Library resources used offsite, you need to be a Library Member. Where available, full text links to Barwon Health Library subscriptions will be visible. 

UpToDate full text articles  UpToDate references now link to Barwon Health Library ejournals. Click on the article title of interest and then on the "Check for Full Text Availability" button. If we subscribe to the journal, this will provide you with access (at work access will be immediate, at home you need to login in and so need to be a library member). If not available as full text, copy the details into this form and we will get it for you. You can search UpToDate using the yellow Library Fast Finder search box on the top of the Library page.